Friday, July 17, 2009

Progress July

Currently our progress is moving along well.
Some key additions to the code have been made and will continue to be worked on all summer.
New Additions:

Symbol Integration - Common Symbols from Wikipedia have been added to a custom input field allowing the user, in the first mobile flash card application, to enter common mathematical, logical, and scientific symbols into the flash cards for studying!

Text to Speech - Currently, the text to speech library has been isolated. The feature is currently being implemented into the application to allow the user to easily have the flash card dictated. This is scheduled to be fully implemented within the next week.

Interface Redesign - We are in the process of redesigning the interface to allow for the most user friendly experience. Examination of popular mobile applications from numerous mobile OS platforms have led us to develop a simple, easily navigable, and efficient model. We are using tabs to separate the categories, cards, and other feature specific functions. This is one of two goals to be completed for the summer.

Speech to Text - Part of our team is currently researching how to implement speech to text ability to allow accessibility to our application. No completion time frame has been set.

Import Card Capability - Our team has researched the ability to import cards into our application. Numerous methods have been presented and we are working on using the library of flash cards that exist currently and are readily available for free download from other mobile flash card applications. The file would be stored on SD card and then parsed and loaded by StudiDroid.

Answers Correct - As of late we decided the idea that keeping track of how many you got right is increasingly important. We are going to being design of the best way to keep track of the correct answers and present the user a statistics page at the end of a session.

Our goal is to have most of these features fully implemented for the end of the summer. Though the application will have many refinements, and has the possibilities to add much more robust features in the future we would like to have a marketplace release by Fall 2009.

StudiDroid Beta 0.25 is now officially StudiDroid 0.1.1. Release 0.1.5 is to be schedule within the next week.

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